Court & Legal


Court interpreters are needed in civil and criminal legal proceedings.  Their ability to interpret complex legal procedures and vocabulary,  without changing the speaker’s legal register, is crucial. Typically,  they interpret for a witness or defendant who speaks or understands  little or no English, while also representing legal professionals with  advanced degrees. ILS can provide professional legal and court  Interpreters. 

Medical & Healthcare


 Qualified medical interpreters can mean the difference between life and  death in some cases. Historically, well-meaning family members and  friends may have stepped in to help loved ones make decisions about  their diagnoses, symptoms and treatment plans. Their lack of training,  confidentiality and medical vocabulary put patients at risk. At ILS, we  are committed to ensuring our medical interpreters meet medical  association standards and provide a professional, trusted link between  medical professionals and patients. 

Schools & Educational


Nothing is more important than our children’s education, and ILS can  place expert professionals in any school system to help parents and kids  get more out of their learning experience. 

Insurance Companies


In the world of insurance, communication regarding  policies and benefits are everything.  Our translators and interpreters  help your clients understand every detail of your plans and program. 



For corporations holding company wide meetings,  travelling aboard on new sales initiatives or reaching out to a new  market, we’ve got the translators who can help get the message across. 

American Sign Language (ASL)


ILS is dedicated to meeting the needs of the hearing-impaired community,  and provides top American Sign Language interpreters to help bridge the  gap between the hearing impaired and those with full hearing. An ASL interpreter from ILS will provide you with fast, accurate sign language translations.